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Teaching harp is my true pride and joy. For the past 25 years, it has been an honour to teach students from ages 7-70, passing along a love and joy of music at my home studio in the Niagara Region.  Virtual lessons are also available to students around the world.

I tailor lessons to meet each student’s goals, learning styles, and wishes. I balance visual, kinesthetic, and audio learning styles, as well as various techniques for practicing and reading music, giving you a solid background knowledge with technique, theory, and musical interpretation. As a university-trained harpist in performance music, I also have degrees in education and social work.  

Wanting to master harp, or perform on harp at events? I am happy to help you achieve your goals. Some students wish to play harp for relaxation, rather than performance.  If you prefer to play harp for relaxation and mindfulness, I will create lessons just for you, focusing on sound-shaping, breathing, and techniques to guide a relaxed position for full overtones. 

My life has been immersed in teaching music. I have given private lessons in harp and piano, taught music in elementary schools, conducted children’s choirs, and been a harp instructor at the Niagara Symphony Music Camp. 


Lessons can include all or a chosen combination of the following:

  • Technique

  • Theory

  • Music Reading

  • Sound-shaping, relaxation, mindfulness

  • Musical exploration (for young children)

  • improvisation

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