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Since ancient times, live harp music has been used to support holistic healing.

Who can benefit?


New Parents, Babies, and Mothers preparing to birth


People who are living with:


  • Chronic Stress

  • Chronic Pain

  • An Illness or Long-Term Health Issue

  • Grief

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Facing a Life Transition (e.g. a change, or beginning or end-of-life)


During a session, I play beautiful, healing harp music to support your personal journey of healing and well-being. Simply relax and let the soothing vibrational energy of the music surround you. Feeling stressed? I can play music at a tempo to bring your heart rate to a calming beat, helping you to feel more at peace. Working through a process of grief? I can play, peaceful, non-rhythmic music to support your process. Let the beautiful vibrational energy of the strings envelop you as the music uplifts and calms the human spirit.

Contact Karen to book. Sessions can be held at the Healing Room at Simply Holistic by Diana, or at the Fonthill Wellness Centre/ Pelvic Physio Niagara.  Sessions can also be booked at a retirement or nursing home, or hospital or hospice setting.
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